Creating Traffic for Charities

One of the main focuses of the Mangia Bene Restaurant family is to make a difference in the Jackson community – or like we say at Sal & Mookie's – "Do the right thing." This is why we have created a new charity program that really gets all three of our restaurants involved in helping create friends and raise funds for the amazing charities in our community. Combining our expertise in marketing and promotion with the authentic story of each month's featured charity, we are able to both raise awareness for the charity, and drive additional traffic to our restaurants. Working together works and is financially beneficial for all of us!

BRAVO!, Sal & Mookie’s, and Broad Street want to “create traffic” for local charities in the Jackson area. Each month, our restaurants feature one charity to promote for an entire month. 

3 WAYS… 2 GIVE… 1 CHARITY. How will you show your support?

Want to learn more about the program or how you can get your charity involved? Email Liz Lancaster at

The charity for the month of July is...

The University Transplant Guild is a non-profit organization which exists to support solid organ transplant and Heart Mate II left ventricular assist device patients and their families. Based on need, the University Transplant Guild may offer educational, physical and pharmacological support. The University of Mississippi Medical Center is the only transplant center in the state and has a heart, liver, kidney and pancreas transplant program. It also offers advanced therapies for heart failure. We are proud to be the Charity of the Month and appreciate the support of Bravos, Sal and Mookies and Broad Street in our efforts to support the transplant patients of Mississippi.